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My main tools for painting are palette knife and domestic sponges, which over the years bear the traces of my work in a miniature form and instinctively create a series of abstract representations. Each individual piece offers a moment in the relationship and history of a painting at a unique stage, creating a visual diary of that period giving a sense of depth, energy, fluidity and freedom within a rigid structure allowing the viewer to focus on an individual piece and its elements within or its essence as an eternity.

‘Charles Borrell’s paintings do not only offer the viewer an exceptional breathing space, but also looking at the totality of his works, one can clearly observe a constant development. His latest creations of SpongeArtWorks are a testament to his continuous pushing of boundaries where the tool has become the art in itself. These striking pieces reflect a unique and versatile artistic approach of Charles Borrell.’ 

RedGate Gallery London


Echoes of the Sea  Composition I  Series XIII  122 x 61 cm  SOLD


Echoes of the Sea  Composition IV  Series VII   122 x 61 cm – SOLD


ECHOES of the SEA XV 2
Echoes of the Sea  Composition III  Series IX  122 x 61 cm – SOLD


Echoes of the Sea  Composition II  Series XII  122 x 61 cm – SOLD


Mother Earth
Mother Earth  80 x 80 cm- SOLD